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    Introducing Carbon Energy's Keyseam UCG Technology

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    A short history of Underground Coal Gasification

    Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) was initially established in the former Soviet Union in the 1930s. Since then there have been over 60 UCG projects around the world.

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    Carbon Energy's locally produced, low-cost energy for domestic supply

    The Australian Energy Market Operator’s (“AEMO”) Annual Statement of Opportunities 2010 highlights the anticipated shortfall in Queensland’s power station reserve capacity of over 700MW by 2013/14.

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    Enhanced Oil Recovery

    Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) involves carbon dioxide (CO2) injection into depleted oil fields to increase reservoir pressure and oil fluidity, enabling oil to escape from rock pores and flow more easily toward production wells to increase oil field production. Any CO2 that comes to the surface with the recovered oil is captured and recycled and at the end of the enhanced oil recovery period, all injected and recycled CO2 is stored permanently underground (IEA 2010).

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    Environmental Advantages of Carbon Energys

    keyseam creates a low-cost, low-emission and low impact pathway for delivering a new generation of commercial scale energy projects.

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    Extracting a large amount of energy from a small area

    One of the major benefits of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) is it delivers the highest energy recovery from deep coal of any extraction technique.

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    The difference between Underground Coal Gasification and Coal Seam Gas

    Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) and Coal Seam Gas (CSG) are often compared or confused as they both have reference to “gas” in their names and both are done underground. Some of the key differences between the two processes include:

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    What is Underground Coal Gasification and what is it used for

    Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) is an alternative coal mining method operated remotely from the surface.