What makes Carbon Energy’s keyseam technology a world leading innovation?
Over the past seven years, Carbon Energy has been in pursuit of perfecting a commercial means to turn deep underground coal into syngas.  Following 10 years of research with Australia’s leading scientific and research organisation, the CSIRO, six years of infield trials and over $150 million investment, Carbon Energy has created a leading innovation that is both scientifically proven and environmentally responsible.

The major innovations that make keyseam the best of breed include:
  • The only UCG technology to successfully complete the rigorous Queensland Government scientific and environmental evaluations
  • Unparalleled site selection and geological modelling which plays a significant part of our IP and know-how
  • Automated gasification design, with greater operational control that delivers high quality consistent gas 
  • Superior environmental credentials which maintains groundwater, requires no fracking, excavation or active remediation

What this means is that from a single application Carbon Energy enables over 10 years continuous, consistent syngas production which delivers predicably stable, high quality gas.  Previous UCG projects have averaged around only 3 months of continuous gas supply and the consistency of the gas produced has been erratic.

The benefits of this innovation provide manufactures with a reliable, long term source of high quality consistent syngas at an extremely cost effective price.

Couple this with keyseam’s strong environmental credentials and you have access to dependable, low cost syngas source that delivers a cleaner energy from coal. 



Does UCG Syngas Production:


Traditional UCG

Produce consistent & continuous gas?

Yes - over 18 months continuous operation of UCG Panel 2 at Bloodwood Creek.

No - less than 3 months continuous
operation per reactor.

Have a long duration?

Yes - a single panel will last for over 10 years on air, 5 years on oxygen/steam.

No - less than 3 months continuous
operation per reactor.

Deliver a consistent gas quality,
critical for downstream processing?

Yes - gas quality is consistent and stable after initial ignition for the entire duration of the UCG panel.

No - to date recorded gas quality decreases constantly over the life of the reactor.

Efficiently convert coal to gas?

Yes - keyseam’s design provides a constant gasification front, offering the highest production efficiency over the life of the UCG panel.

No - as the reactor “vessel” constantly changes size and shape, this reduces the gasification efficiency.

Work without physical intervention
to operate?

Yes - once built, the keyseam gasifier does not require any physical intervention throughout the life of the panel.

No - traditional designs require repeat drilling or manual retraction of injection points.

Minimise surface subsidence?

Yes - operational depths limit surface subsidence.

Yes - operational depths limit surface subsidence.

Have minimal impact on the environment?

Yes - operating the gasifier below the pressure of the outside groundwater ensures by-products remain within the panel cavity.

Yes - negative water pressure in the reactor ensures gasification products remain within cavity.

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