Investor FAQs

Q: Why should I invest in Carbon Energy?

A: Carbon Energy is a world leader in underground coal gasification (UCG). As global markets are seeking new energy sources to match the increasing demand in energy needs, Carbon Energy has the technology and potential to provide substantial gas for energy generation and industrial use. As we build our capabilities, many markets are beginning to understand that UCG has the potential to unlock a large portion of otherwise underdeveloped energy sources.

Carbon Energy’s keyseam technology produces up to 20 times more energy, from the same resource than coal seam gas. Also recent cost estimates for UCG projects come in at less than half the cost of surface coal gasification plants which use coal mined by conventional methods.

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Q: How is Carbon Energy’s Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) technology different to other UCG technology?

A: Carbon Energy was founded on technology developed in conjunction with Australia’s leading research agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). After 10 years of research and three years of in field trials Carbon Energy has overcome the key barriers to commercialising UCG with its unique site selection criteria, UCG panel design as well as geotechnical, hydrological and gasification modelling capabilities. The result has been the production of some of the highest calorific (energy production) values of UCG gas in the world at our Bloodwood Creek site.

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Q: What are the differences between Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) with Coal Seam Gas (CSG)?

A: While UCG and CSG are very different processes both aim to extract gas from underground coal seams. For a more detailed view on how UCG is different to CSG please read more.

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Q: What are your growth plans internationally?

A: Carbon Energy currently has formed a China Joint Venture with Beijing JinHong Investment Development Co. Ltd (JinHong) to ddevelop a commercial demonstration project and licence keyseam in China. The Company is pursuing growth plans into other countries, including Indonesia, Chile and India. 

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Q: What is your current cash flow projections?

A: Every quarter Carbon Energy releases to the ASX our current financial position. For the most up to date information please visit our Quarterly Reports page

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Q: What is syngas?

Synthesis gas, otherwise known as 'syngas' is a product gas containing methane (natural gas), ethane, hydrogen and carbon monoxide with carbon dioxide also present. Syngas is flexible in that it can be used for power generation, liquid fuels and fertiliser production. Carbon dioxide has no energy value but can be captured for storage or beneficial use in future.

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For further information email askus@carbonenergy.com.au