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Carbon Energy Limited

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About Carbon Energy:

  • Carbon Energy leads the world in underground coal gasification (UCG) technology.
  • Our proprietary keyseam® technology unlocks new energy sources by transforming stranded, deep or otherwise uneconomic coal resources into high-value fuels with lower carbon emissions.
  • Carbon Energy achieved Proof of Concept of its keyseam technology following 10 years of research by Australias premier scientific research agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research organisation (CSIRO), 6+ years of in-field trials and over $150 million investment in technology development.
  • Carbon Energy is the first Australian company to generate power using UCG syngas

Underground Coal Gasification (UCG):

  • UCG transforms coal into a product gas known as syngas.
  • Syngas is primarily made up of methane, ethane and hydrogen and can be used for low-emission power generation, production of fertilisers, explosives, transport fuels and synthetic natural gas.


Carbon Energy Limited

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Brisbane, Australia

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