Six Significant Environmental Advantages of Carbon Energy’s keyseam® technology

    1. Maximises resource efficiency by extracting up to 20 times more energy from the same resource when compared to coal seam gas (coal bed methane) production.
    2. Minimises surface disturbance by extracting the energy from coal through a series of boreholes rather than mechanical excavation used in conventional mining methods.
    3. Preserves groundwater quality by operating the gasification process below the hydrostatic pressure and not pumping groundwater to the surface. Maintaining the surrounding groundwater pressure acts as containment for the gasification process and ensures that syngas flows to the surface under pressure via the Production Well.
    4. Leaves rock and ash, originally mixed with the coal, underground in the coal seam.
    5. Cuts carbon emissions by producing syngas-fuelled electricity with 10-20% less CO2 emissions than traditional coal-fired power plants whilst reducing the cost of carbon capture.
    6. Does not involve fraccing.

    The unique methodology embodied in keyseam asserts Carbon Energy’s position as a world-class producer of cleaner and more efficient energy.